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Finalis Platform

Worked with Finalis team to develop their platform from pre-production stage to production. Currently continue working on new features and helping them to grow their business. Finalis is a white-labeled broker-dealer platform with everything M&A advisors, investment bankers, and placement agents need to succeed.

Tech: ReactJS, GraphQL, ExpressJS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Belong Field App & Website

Built an iPad app for Belong inspectors from scratch to fill out and complete home inspections in order to reduce the time it takes to belong inspectors to complete inspections reports and improve the utilization of inspectors in the field. At present, we are giving support to the app and helping them to improve their website. Belong is a rental platform that has made renting enjoyable again, property management reinvented with guaranteed rent and much more.

Tech: React-Native, NextJS, ReactJS, Redux

Natural Tech House

Worked together with Natural Tech House to build from scratch a mobile app for android & iOS platforms, an initiative aimed at connecting "pet lovers with solidarity actions" to redesign and enhance its application. Lupacan is an exclusive social network for dog & cat lovers; a meeting place to share between lupacanianos.

Tech: React-Native, ExpressJS, Redux, PostgreSQL

Crystal Zoom

Rewrote the entire Front-end Crystal Zoom app in ReactJS and added new functionality in record time: 6 months. Crystal Zoom is the leading advertising optimization platform for MercadoLibre and Amazon sellers with presence in different countries: Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay among others.

Tech: ReactJS, Redux

Our Services

Acelerate startup

Accelerate Startups

We partner with your delivery teams to build disruptive technology products in an agile way. We build rapid prototypes, proof of concepts to take advantage of the latest cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. We architect to support your eventual market and build the relevant phase of the product life cycle.

Acelerate startup

Achieve Integrations

Information technology has brought us extraordinary and diverse services. Arcadia offers integrations across disparate systems, which is crucial to better understanding customers, observing behavior, analyzing data, and creating the optimal customer experience. We help you reach your objectives by enabling your team to focus on sales and support processes.

Acelerate startup

Apply Analytics & AI

Arcadia's software solutions apply cutting edge, automated learning models in order to identify valuable patterns in data, find new information, predict future events, among other functions. You have access to a dashboard containing operational and executive analytics, enabling you to monitor your business information in real time.

Acelerate startup

Advance Continuous Improvement Process

Arcadia helps you optimize your business processes, redefine and refine IT workflows, identify new opportunities, and develop new projects and features—all towards the goals of reducing costs and maximizing your company's growth.

About Us

Arcadia Tech is a young startup whose aim is to empower new businesses to succeed in this dynamic market, across a range of industries. We fill a critical void in the market, focusing on small- to medium-sized startups looking for a seed or capital round; or those who have acquired funding and are already in the development stage.

We are not a software factory. We partner with our clients: their business is our business, and our goal is to help them grow and be profitable. Their success is our success.


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